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About us

After 32 years in business, we decided to alter our direction. Now, we share our passion for business by assisting others in Bozeman  Montana and the Western States with their daily challenges. Our ramp up and business formation  process is designed to empower your team and help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.  It is a very different time, what worked in the past does not work in today’s business climate. We go outside the box with new ideas to reach customers and manage your business operations more effectively. We provide consulting in the areas of Business Efficiency, Marketing, Accounting, Website development, and Social Media Management.


Our team at Ipro Business Solutions in Bozeman Montana is deep with experience. We utilize resources entrenched in hands on experience with the knowledge of the latest technologies. We strive to develop an open creative relationships with our customers. We are choosy when we align with another company. It is essential that there be mutual compatibility in direction and process of business philosophies.

Business Efficiency

Our Team at IPRO have the skill and talent to identify areas of inefficiency in many different types of businesses. We do not profess to be an expert on your specific business, but will guide you thought a process to assist you to discover areas of wasted opportunity in your company. With our years of owning and managing businesses we are able to identify areas of inefficiency. We have the ability to save a company thousands.


At IPRO Business Solutions we have a team of marketing consultants utilizing in house talent as well as consulting with our close outside marketing companies. We realize that it is difficult for a consulting company to have the resources to analyze and develop an all inclusive marketing plan so we have developed a close relationship to our other team member marketing companies.


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