Data Management Software

At IPRO Business Solutions we utilize a data management system by Knightro. We have found this to be the most complete and comprehensive software on the market today to manage all your expenses and track your project management functions. It is easy to use and can be extremely easy to customize to your specific needs. Knightro has an exceptional technical support that will help you through the initial setup as well as ongoing cost analysis of your business. They take a genuine interest in your business and will be there to assist you in analyzing areas of you business where you can save money and become more time efficient. Knightro also can give you an extraordinary method to track your real expenses, cost of goods sold and give you a snap shot as to the profitability of current projects. Knightro offers a 2 month free trial, no contracts, and a free initial set up. Contact us for more information or a 2 hour free presentation as to how Knightro can save you countless hours and a significant amount of money that would otherwise be overlooked or wasted. This reasonable prices software is by far the most powerful tool for businesses to monitor, sort and recall business expenses in real time.

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